Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reminiscing the Food


Both of my grandparents passed away few years back but it seems like they have gone only yesterday. Both of them used to prepare food that they used to eat when they were younger and I had that opportunity to experienced how does those days food taste like. The basic of everything in everyday meal. I wouldn't say all of it were awesome; some of the dishes we even called it "scary food". :).

For a starter, my favorite 'daun bawang jeruk'. I think this is a local spring onion salad kind of thing and not a pickle. It also have a tangy kind of smell. A type of spring onion grows locally around cool climate such as in Togudon along Jalan Tambunan and Kundasang. I can easily get this in any tamu ground and I usually get this in Tamu Donggongon.

To prepare the daun bawang jeruk, cut the spring onion in to an inch length. Take only the green ones and not the brown greenish colour. After cutting and getting rid of the spoiled ones, soak to wash with tap water and rinse it. Make sure you dry it until there is no water left (if its possible). Place the spring onion in to a mixing bawl and squeeze some lime juice on it. Add a bit of salt to taste, chili padi and mix it all. Wallah! its ready to serve. Its best serve with hot rice and salted fish. Now i'm drooling.

Well, I definitely will share the ingredients with all of you and feel free to try! 

Ingredients : spring onion (daun bawang), lime (limau nipis/ kolopis), hot chili (cili padi), salt.

daun bawang jeruk or I called this spring onion salad.